Insulation Benefits

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Insulation is one of the common elements that people associate with energy efficiency and thermal comfort inside a home.  You may have heard terms such as R-Value, fiberglass batts, and blown cellulose or remember commercials from when you were a kid about the Pink Panther rolling out the batts of insulation across an attic and making the house comfortable.  While insulation is a key component, the quality of installation is actually more important than the rated R-value.

Insulation can “fail” in any one of five key ways:

  1. Air Intrusion- If air is forced through insulation, or allowed to pass through insulation, the insulation does not function.
  2. Void- If there are any voids, or areas the insulation does not cover, there is no rated R-value from the insulation.
  3. Gaps- Any gaps in the insulation, potentially where wiring or plumbing is passing through or around insulation.
  4. Compressions- Areas where the insulation is compressed from something laying atop and “squishing” the insulation flat.
  5. Misalignment- Whenever the Insulation is not in contact with air barrier, ie the insulation isn’t laying flat against the drywall.

A good rule of thumb for estimating how poorly your insulation is functioning is that for a 5% area of insulation failure, there is a reduction of 50% in functional R-Value.  We have performed audits on home where the insulation failure area was closer to 50%.  This essentially turns your attic into an insulation storage area, because your insulation is giving you very little if any benefit.  Not only will this result in comfort issues in your living space, and increased energy use, but your home durability will suffer due to moisture issues of condensation at the ceiling level when the monsoon season arrives and the indoor air quality will suffer from potential mold.  All due to faulty insulation installation.

An Energy Audit will identify and offer solution to improve the performance of your home on a case by case basis, taking in to account exactly how your home is built and functioning.

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